ZOO #73 Winter 2021 - Metanoia
ZOO #73 Winter 2021 - Metanoia
ZOO #73 Winter 2021 - Metanoia

ZOO #73 Winter 2021 - Metanoia

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ZOO Magazine 73 – Metanoia | “Metanoia” describes a change of heart or a shift of perspective. Under this notion, the Winter Issue of ZOO explores the transformative moments of the featured artists, actors, musicians, and creatives. On over 300 pages, Issue #73 exhibits the ideas and decisions behind diverse projects, narrating backstories that enable a true look behind the scenes.
A personal interview with Jack Farthing, British Actor, lays bare the value of empathy and the weird sensation of using oneself as an emotional tool in the profession of acting. Touching upon his experience of filming the highly anticipated movie Spencer, which is airing in late 2021, the actor reminisces on a significant year that marked a milestone in his acting career. Staying with the topic of cinema, Lena Klenke, a German Actress, expresses the urgency of feminism in the film industry and the duty of leading as an example for young women. Diving deeper into contemporary dichotomies, David Schütter, known for his role in the Netflix series Barbarians, reflects upon the contradicting notions of masculinity and vulnerability. Lili Epply, currently part of the Berliner Ensemble and starring in the upcoming Sky series Souls, elucidates how separating from a character can be a deeply challenging endeavor. With ZOO, she takes a trip down memory lane, pausing at different decisive moments that eventually determined her career in acting.

Venturing out from Germany to Switzerland and diving into the topic of music, Priya Ragu tells ZOO how she single-handedly pursued her wish of being a musician and gives insight into the difficulties – and perks – of growing up with her Indian heritage in Swiss structures.

Turning to arts, ZOO has spoken to Japanese flower artist Azuma Makoto, who, compellingly, allows a glimpse inside his mind as an artist who is submersed into the beauty of flowers, amplifying their delicacy and rawness in his artworks. In the conversation, the unique mind of the artist shines through as he reminisces on the comforting and communicative powers of plants. In a contrasting manner, Johanna Dumet, an emerging French artist living in Berlin, talks about her inspirations from the iconic Paris Bar in Berlin – a lively spot of social interaction– and why colorful paintings can only be created by picking up the paintbrush when she is in a good mood. Illustrator Mohammed Iman Fayaz talks with ZOO, discussing why some mistake illustrations for not being a matter of design and the importance of uncovering tokenism and hidden agendas in the endeavor to support LGBTQ+ communities.

Stipulating arts and business, Pierre Rainero takes the reader along with the build-up towards the exhibition Cartier and Islamic Art: In Search for Modernity, showcased at Paris’ Musée des Art Décoratifs.

Staying with the topic of legacy, Zegna’s Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori ponders on the importance of conserving local craftsmanship, while propelling constant technological improvement in textile production at the Ermenegildo Zegna Group.

With the reflective and reminiscent character, the Winter Issue of ZOO critically sounds out epiphanies and awakenings, the milestones and moments which determine how the future unfolds. Herein, the Winter Issue is on no account a look into the past but portrays the present in its pure essence – a fleeting moment in time, decided by the previous and transformed by the next.