ZOO #74 I Spring 2022
ZOO #74 I Spring 2022
ZOO #74 I Spring 2022

ZOO #74 I Spring 2022

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ZOO Magazine 74 – Imagine | With this in mind, the Spring Issue 74 of ZOO Magazine digs deep into the thoughts and ambitions of featured artists, musicians, and creatives, who are doing their jobs to contribute to the greater good. The Spring issue exhibits the true ideas and expressions behind a diverse range of projects, narrating backstories that give us an exclusive look behind the scenes.

In a personal interview with Ashley Walters, the British actor discusses the deconstruction of the “gangster” image that is presented in his role in the series Top Boy. The actor is leading the quiet revolution in presenting the realities for young black voices, through game-changing new projects and the Netflix crime drama. Walters goes in-depth in regards to not only his personal transformation but also the importance of the show presenting the realities of stratification within London. Actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster talks with ZOO about the form of escapism and solace he hopes to offer through his work, after 20 years of acting. He discusses the importance of this in previous dystopian roles he has played, as well as his upcoming role Malcolm McLaren in Pistol, retelling the story of the infamous band The Sex Pistols. Jannis Niewöhner, known for his distinctive on-screen presence – expands on the importance of contemporary retellings of historical events through significant and ever-relevant stories through film. With ZOO, Berlin-based actress Lilith Stangenberg discusses the unusual, extremes, and challenges beyond the cultural mainstream. As well as expanding on the excitement when transforming into a character or for a shoot, the actress discusses the Russian way of filmmaking and fashion. Despite being unaware that two days later the war in Ukraine would begin two days later, it makes it so much more authentic to learn about Russia, which is so much more than its president and his policies.

Shifting from the world of acting into contemporary art, featured is an interview with Zimbabwean artist Kudzanai Chiurai. Within the conversation, the artist illustrates the importance of communicating with the observer through dialogue within his addition of creative arts to his oeuvre, as well as drawings, paintings, and mixed media pieces that address and tackle social, political, and cultural issues in Zimbabwe. Hervé Chandès is an integral part to the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain. The mission behind the foundation is to build meaningful connections between artists from across the world, between different fields of study, most importantly with the public. Mr. Chandès reflects on the evolution of the contemporary art scene, and the importance of perceiving different artistic disciplines as part of one big whole.

Issue 74 delivers compelling fashion stories.
The design section lets us delve deep into sculpting and furniture, on a journey through the finest exhibitions of NOMAD St Moritz 2022.

The Spring issue of ZOO depicts milestones and moments from the past and present that can potentially decide that of the future in a collective goal to achieve goodness. The intimate stories that are conveyed through various branches of the creative sector within this issue display the message effectively. (From the makers of ZOO)