ROBERT JANITZ - Let us put it like this, 2021

ROBERT JANITZ - Let us put it like this, 2021

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Oil, wax, flour on canvas
137.16 x 106.68 cm

Prosaic actions—the arm’s length, swift movement of a squeegee across a soaped windowpane or the use of a knife to spread butter on toasted bread—are brought to mind as much as meditations on post formal modernist painting when viewing this work. Paint is typically brushed across the linen surface, up and down in broad rhythmic strokes, thick and opaque at the beginning and end of the gesture, transparent between. Even Janitz’s paint incorporates flour with wax rather than other paint mediums, inviting more domestic reference. His benches concrete forms that recall zoomorphic or schematic dogs as well as minimalistic sculpture or Brutalist architectural detail—lead us out from the virtual space of the paintings. Nonchalance and elegance, speed and subtlety, all come together in Janitz’s work.

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