KARL HORST HÖDICKE - Reflex. Die Ampel steht auf Grün (Fuge), 1973
KARL HORST HÖDICKE - Reflex. Die Ampel steht auf Grün (Fuge), 1973

KARL HORST HÖDICKE - Reflex. Die Ampel steht auf Grün (Fuge), 1973

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polyester resin on canvas, framed
196 x 161,3 x 5 cm 


Karl Horst Hödicke (born in Nuremberg, Germany in 1938) is a contemporary German artist known for his Neo-Expressionist paintings. The artist’s broad brushstrokes and specific colour palette provide his works with a sense of seeing a place through memory – specifically Berlin with its ever changing cityscape is a central motif in his work.

Having moved to Berlin in 1957, Hödicke became one of the spokespeople for a small group of impetuous young lateral thinkers who wanted to revolutionise painting. No sooner had German post-war modernism rejoined the international artistic trend towards the abstract than they revolted against this new doctrine with a revival of figurative painting, which had been declared obsolete.

Hödicke was subsequently a pioneer of German Neo-Expressionism and New Figuration with Georg Baselitz, Jörg Immendorf and A.R. Penck. He was one of the main protagonists and drivers of the New Savages or Junge Wilde movement in 1978, which arose in the German-speaking world in opposition to established Minimal and Conceptual strategies.

Hödicke has had a retrospective of his works shown at Staatliche Graphische Sammlung in Munich, Germany, in 2019 which is currently on view at Palais Populaire in Berlin.

Karl Horst Hödicke lives and works in Berlin.

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