REFIK ANADOL - Quantum Memories : Noise C, 2020

REFIK ANADOL - Quantum Memories : Noise C, 2020

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Still — Generative AI Data Painting
4080 x 4050px


Saturday, 25 September, 6 PM CEST - Sunday, 26 September, 6 PM CEST on

Collectors who purchase all three NFTs will receive a physical copy (44 x 44 cm, unframed) of each edition, numbered and signed by the artist.

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In Physics, quantum noise refers to the noise of uncertainty arising from random fluctuations in a system. Tapping into these random fluctuations as a unique realm of possibilities and predictions, Refik Anadol’s QUANTUM MEMORIES: NOISE series uses Google Quantum AI’s most cutting-edge, publicly available quantum computation research data and algorithms to explore the possibility of a parallel world. For this project RAS developed a custom procedural coherent noise implementation by utilizing beyond classical measurements for computing surflets.  These data and algorithms allow Anadol to speculate alternative modalities inside the most sophisticated computer available, and create new quantum noise-generated datasets as building blocks of these modalities. The piece is both inspired by and a speculation of the many-worlds interpretation in quantum physics – a theory that holds that there are many parallel worlds that exist at the same space and time as our own.