MONICA BONVICINI - Waiting #1, 2017
MONICA BONVICINI - Waiting #1, 2017

MONICA BONVICINI - Waiting #1, 2017

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stainless steel, handcuffs
95 x 360 x 110 cm

Monica Bonvicini (b. 1965 in Venice, Italy, lives and works in Berlin, Germany) emerged as a visual artist and started exhibiting internationally in the mid-1990s. Her multifaceted practice - which investigates the relationship between architecture, power, gender and space - is translated into works that question the meaning of making art, the ambiguity of language, and the limits and possibilities attached to the ideal of freedom. Dry-humored, direct, and imbued with historical, political and social references, Bonvicini’s art never refrains from establishing a critical connection with the sites where it is exhibited, the materials that comprise it, and the roles of spectator and creator.

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