Lodown Magazine #118. SAVAGES

Lodown Magazine #118. SAVAGES

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210 x 270 mm, 146 pages
Berlin, Germany

Lodown is an English-language print magazine from Berlin, which was founded in 1995 by Thomas Marecki, better known as Marok, and quickly developed into a very influential mouthpiece of the international skateboarder and graffiti scene. Not without reason, the Lodown was awarded several times, which was primarily due to the graphic skills of its creators and extraordinary photos. In 1999, the Lodown consequently published the groundbreaking book "Graphic Engineering", in the following year the no less exciting follow-up work "Schizophrenic!" was released. Since 2006, the magazine has made it a habit to occasionally engage guest designers for the design of an issue, which undoubtedly provided fresh blood; the Lodown can now look back on exclusive contributions by Kaws, Futura 2000, Eric Haze, Matt Irving, Mirko Borsche, Don Pendleton, Åbäke, Manuel Bürger or Marc Brandenburg. Currently, the magazine is primarily concerned with contemporary art, music, film, fashion, lifestyle and literature.

Lodown’s SAVAGES issue is taking on creation that couldn’t care less about the obscene popularity contests of now, looking at artists with a vision fueled by originality, subversion, talent and civil disobedience.

SAVAGES offers another ambiguous look an the leftfield side of pop culture and contemporary art through Ricky Powell, Richard Kern and many more.


Cover image by Ricky Powell.