Kathryn Andrews | Run for President

Kathryn Andrews | Run for President

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CHICAGO, MoCA - Catalogue ed. by Julie Rodrigues Widholm. Chicago 2015. 20,3 x 24,5 cm. 116 S. mit 75 (70 farb.) Abb., gebunden.


Occasioned by the artist's first US solo museum exhibition, "Run for President" examines the sculptures that have made Kathryn Andrews (born 1973) one of the crucial voices of her artistic generation. Through her shiny, colorful sculptures, which literally reflect the viewer and the exhibition environs, Andrews examines how image producers - artists, corporations, Hollywood studios and politicians - employ visual cues and material packaging to elicit desire. In "Run for President", Andrews situates her sculptures against a conceptual backdrop of a fictitious presidential election.


ISBN: 978-0-9962116-1-1