JORINDE VOIGT - Beethoven, Opus 119, Nr. 7, Nov. 2020 - Februar 2021

JORINDE VOIGT - Beethoven, Opus 119, Nr. 7, Nov. 2020 - Februar 2021

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Ink, gold leaf, acrylic, graphite on paper
80 x 180 cm


Voigts engagement with music and musical notations has always played an important role in Voigt‘s oeuvre. In the Ludwig van Beethoven series she, for example, attempts to depict the music of Ludwig van Beethoven without illustrating or interpreting it. The works of the series are reminiscent of the graphic scores of Iannis Xenakis or Mauricio Kagel, yet they do not contain any instructions for action but are rather an expression of an emotional system of signs. Everyday emotions and experiences are transported in music through melodic line, volume and changes of tempo. Voigt uses a coded notation that depicts the emotional spectrum inherent in Beethoven’s music. For this, she extracts the intonation and dynamic notations from Beethoven‘s original text and makes them the basic framework of her works. For Voigt, these notes symbolize the personal traces left behind by the composer, transcending the technical specifications. With the help of the pictorial spaces she creates, the complexity of the musical score thus visually opens up to the viewer.

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