Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert | Gender as a Spectrum

Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert | Gender as a Spectrum

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Gender as a spectrum is a series of portraits of people who have resisted typical gender norms - by questioning them, breaking through them, or turning them inside-out. Photographer Jospeh Wolfgang Ohlert captures the protagonists in intimate portraits while author Kaey, herself trans*, poses a set of interview questions to create written text. The collaboration began with people from the pair´s private circles, predominantly in Berlin, before the project expanded to include cities such as Paris and New York. This book, the result, is a series of portraits depicting the most diverse people to ever explore outside the heteronormative restraints of gender.


2016, Eva&Adele, VG Bild Kunst Bonn, Germany,

ISBN 978-3-00-050408-2

Hardcover, 293 pages