JONAS LUND - Cow (JLT Collectible), 2021
JONAS LUND - Cow (JLT Collectible), 2021

JONAS LUND - Cow (JLT Collectible), 2021

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Work details:
Video loop, 3D Object
00:12 min
1080 x 1080 px

Choose your kindred spirit, the animal you relate to and become part of the JONAS LUND TOKEN community by owning a representative and symbol of the JLT universe.

The COW is a symbol of patience, nourishment, female power, beginnings and calmness.

The digital solo show ON THIS DAY by Jonas Lund at KÖNIG GALERIE in Decentraland, a virtual world based on the blockchain, explores memories and influence. Starting with this exhibition, the profits from every JLT NFT sale will be distributed to the shareholders based on the amount of JLTs they hold. Join them for board meetings during the duration of the exhibition ON THIS DAY, experience the special features for shareholders and get exclusive access to the VIP area on the rooftop of St. Agnes in Decentraland. 

This JLT COLLECTIBLE comes with 250 Jonas Lund Tokens (JLT). It allows you to become part of the JLT board as a shareholder and to participate in decisions concerning Jonas Lund’s artistic practice and life.

After your purchase the gallery will contact you regarding minting details.