JEREMY SHAW - Centre Pompidou

JEREMY SHAW - Centre Pompidou

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At the Centre Pompidou, the Canadian artist presents a large immersive installation of 9 screens, each projecting a different film. For instant, the screens synchronize to orchestrate a real ballet of images and sounds. At the entrance of the exhibition, a selection of photographs will be suspended, a large-scale version of his series "Towards Universal Pattern Recognition".

The catalog, the first monograph on the artist, presents the work of Jeremy Shaw from his beginnings to the present day, through the major stages of his international career. Through their writings, Christine Macel and various critics invite the reader to discover the total work of a gifted artist.

Publisher: Centre Pompidou, Author: Sous la direction de Christine Macel


Language: French and English 

EAN 9782844268662

Hardback, 144 pages, 20 cm x 29 cm