Gregor Hildebrandt | Pawn
Gregor Hildebrandt | Pawn
Gregor Hildebrandt | Pawn
Gregor Hildebrandt | Pawn

Gregor Hildebrandt | Pawn

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Gregor Hildebrandt (*1974) saw a photograph by Will Steacy, an American photographer who had created a series about pawnshops in the ­United States. This in turn prompted Gregor ­Hildebrandt to play with the meaning and sense of the word pawnshop, i.e. to set up a shop in which chess pieces (pawns) were to be sold. When these are not directly ­connected to the game itself, he sees them and the shop itself as sculp­tures. For this purpose, he assembled the pawns in an installation covering the entire wall in evenly arranged rows of shelves. With this artist’s book, Gregor Hildebrandt further explores a wide variety of ­variations on the theme, including chess pieces of the most varied nature in their surroundings, chess patterns on floors and walls, on clothing, as a motif in his own abstract painting, and as ­decoration at an overseas cemetery. Gregor ­Hildebrandt's collages, panel paintings, photo­g­raphic works and installations have always been a source of astonishment, even sensation, having used analog data carriers, i.e. audio and video tapes as well as records and their casings and covers as source material.

Kienbaum Artists’ Books Edition 2020

Edited by Jochen and Laura Kienbaum
128 p witht 95 cloured illustrations
200 x 125 mm, hardcover with dust-jacket

ISBN 978-3-86442-300-0