DAVID ZINK YI - Garabato, 2021
DAVID ZINK YI - Garabato, 2021
DAVID ZINK YI - Garabato, 2021

DAVID ZINK YI - Garabato, 2021

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Glazed stoneware
190 x 185 x 4 cm

Deploying pared down forms as a starting point, Zink Yi uses his studio as a laboratory for various ceramic experimentations that have resulted in singular and distinctive sculptures. Interrogating, and often stretching the material’s physical properties to their breaking point, each of these works offer an invitation into Zink Yi’s creative space. The title of this exhibition emphasises the playful configurations of his fired stoneware sculptures and a recurring and endless quest for meaning and form.

Each of the objects on display seem to have writhed, resisted, and rebelled while being kneaded, rolled, pressed, cut, glazed, and repeatedly fired at high temperatures. Revealing themselves only after having dramatically changed their molecular structure in the firing. These pieces oscillate between calculated scientific precision and the surrender of control, between quantifiable and enigmatic formal imbalances. In this way, the material becomes the artist’s closest collaborator.

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