DAVID ZINK YI - Roma 395-13, 2006
DAVID ZINK YI - Roma 395-13, 2006

DAVID ZINK YI - Roma 395-13, 2006

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Lambda print on aluminium-dibond
94.5 x 85 cm
1/3 + 2 AP


The photo shows the interior of the house of Zink Yi's Italian grandmother, who immigrated to Peru.

The majority of the fine wooden furniture was made by Zink Yi's grandfather. The painting, tables, chairs and cupboards appear almost like film sets and function like the puzzle pieces of a person. At the same time, they become a stage for the projection, loaded with the memory of the lost home in Europe. Besides being carriers of identity-forming imported goods, the pieces have a location-specific connection: Roma 395-1 is the street name (and number) of the house, situated in a former noble quarter. In this way, they become symbolic capital, an aim to keep the lost social status.

On a formal level, one can also see connections to Zink Yi's video works, only polyrhythm is here made out of architecture.

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