Der Greif 12 (Broomberg & Chanarin)

Der Greif 12 (Broomberg & Chanarin)

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100 Seiten, 14,8 x 21,0 cm

As guest editors of issue 12 of DER GREIF, Broomberg and Chanarin sent out a call for images that are too private, too quiet, too violent, too political, too subversive or too explicit to share online.

They received an avalanche of submissions. Faced with a daunting task of editing the material they turned to a disgruntled former facebook employee who will remain anonymous.

Broomberg and Chanarin decided to include both the good and the bad. Only available in print.

Issue 12 challenges our way of looking at and perceiving images. It asks if and how we may all be complicit to an ongoing commodification of imagery by using social media.

Featuring the work of 85 photographers and artists, as well as excerpts from a four-hour interview with a former Facebook content moderator, conducted by Broomberg & Chanarin.


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