CONNY MAIER - Dilemma 2, 2021
CONNY MAIER - Dilemma 2, 2021
CONNY MAIER - Dilemma 2, 2021
CONNY MAIER - Dilemma 2, 2021

CONNY MAIER - Dilemma 2, 2021

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Print on Hahnemühle paper, oil stick
60 x 50 cm
23 2/3 x 19 2/3 in
24-Hour Drop

Final Edition Size: 221


DILEMMA 2 (2021) is a 60 x 50 cm print on Hahnemühle paper. The motif of withered flowers in a vase alludes to the human appropriation and subordination of nature, a theme that is prevalent in Conny Maier’s work. To fit into the man-made system of usage and regulation, these flowers were picked from nature to be domesticated and tamed, purely for our enjoyment. For each edition, Conny Maier paints the flower stamps individually in oil pastel.

The edition drop coincides with Conny Maier’s solo booth with KÖNIG GALERIE at Art Cologne, where she is part of the NEW POSITIONS program which gives young artists the opportunity to present their works in a special 25-square-metre space next to the booth of their gallery.

The original painting, on which the edition is based, is currently on view at Palais Populaire, Berlin, in the exhibition ARTIST OF THE YEAR by Deutsche Bank, an award Conny Maier has received as the first German artist.

Conny Maier combines a neo-expressive style and comic elements with a keen sense of colour and composition. Maier’s often ironic-seeming paintings explore the relationship between humans and nature. Conny Maier lives and works in Berlin and Baleal, and has had solo shows in Berlin, Paris, Cologne, Vienna and Los Angeles.

The print will be available unframed or framed in alder wood with an anti-reflective, shatterproof Plexiglas that provides UV protection of over 99 percent.

The edition size will be based on the total number of orders received. Although the edition can reach an indefinite number of copies, Maier gives each print a unique character by hand-signing it and adding individual details in oil pastel. Edition numbers will be assigned randomly after the end of sale.

The edition will be available exclusively on for 24 hours between THURSDAY, 18 NOVEMBER, 2021 at 18:00 CEST and FRIDAY, 19 NOVEMBER, 2021 at 18:00 CEST.