CAMILLE HENROT - What Did u Say, 2019
CAMILLE HENROT - What Did u Say, 2019
CAMILLE HENROT - What Did u Say, 2019

CAMILLE HENROT - What Did u Say, 2019

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Watercolor on paper
76 x 56 cm


The ongoing series of drawings, paintings, and bronze sculptures System of Attachment
addresses the tension between the needs for attachment and separation that begin in
infancy and continue throughout life. „In System of Attachment, Soon and Wet
Job, the ambivalence and tension between distance and closeness within the family structure came into focus. [...] This meant for me that the concept of family is not only about intimacy, but about politics. The mother is also of course a very political
identity even though it’s been relegated to the anecdotal within patriarchal
society. It’s pretty ironic when you think that the most certain thing we
know as humans is that we were all born of a woman. This is maybe the
most inescapable truth about where we come from. There is obviously an
ambivalence at the individual level but also at the global level with this idea.I
became very interested in the concept of the mother in relation to debt, how
we are indebted to mothers, and how this debt may be responsible for the
prejudice against women and the struggle all people sometimes have with
appreciating and respecting this figure“

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