BRIGITTE KOWANZ - Keep it up, 2010

BRIGITTE KOWANZ - Keep it up, 2010

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Neon, mirror
200 x 150 x 100 cm
1/3 + 2 AP


Brigitte Kowanz was born in 1957 in Vienna, Austria. Light is not only a material, but also often a topic of Kowanz's works. She has been engaged with the speed of light in a personal complex of works since 1989. Light is investigated as a space-forming medium as well as an information carrier and medium of knowledge and visibility. Kowanz uses (semi-)transparent glasses and mirrors, especially in her newer works. This leads to a diverse overlaying of the virtual and the real in her three-dimensional objects. The mutual reflection of light, language and mirror (Rainer Fuchs) produces hybrid spaces whose boundaries seem to be clearly defined at one moment, but gone again the next. Real space and virtual reflection penetrate each other, the boundaries between artwork and observer become fluid. The occupation with the intangible physics of light, which – although a guarantee of visibility – is itself slightly overlooked, persists in the works of Brigitte Kowanz to this day.

Courtesy of Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna 

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