AUSTYN WEINER - Petting Zoo, 2021
AUSTYN WEINER - Petting Zoo, 2021
AUSTYN WEINER - Petting Zoo, 2021

AUSTYN WEINER - Petting Zoo, 2021

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Oil paint, oil stick, crayon on canvas
182.88 x 147.32 x 3.81 cm


Austyn Weiner‘s bright, energetic paintings take inspiration from the works of Tracey Emin, Francis Bacon, and Chaïm Soutine. Combining text, abstract swirls, and forms that evoke the female body, Weiner creates autobiographical meditations on romance, rejection, chaos, and sensuality. Her materials range from oil paints and charcoal to house paint and crayons. Weiner studied photography and painting at the Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan; Tel Aviv University; and Parsons School of Design. She shot backstage at fashion shows before pursuing a fine-art practice. Weiner has exhibited her work in London, Los Angeles, and New York, and her collectors include model Gigi Hadid and shipping heir Philip Niarchos. Weiner’s mix of hard and soft lines, expressive gestures, and tender figurative elements generate a sense of confidence and seduction.

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