AYAKO ROKKAKU - Untitled, 2021

AYAKO ROKKAKU - Untitled, 2021

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Mixed media
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Ayako Rokkaku was born in 1982 in Chiba, Japan. Her works defy traditional categories of classification; she does not allow herself to be confined by the rules of conventional art production. Rokkaku is self-taught and thus independently developed a distinctive technique and visual language. Recurring elements in her work are the depictions of manga-style young girls with big eyes and long limbs, for Rokkaku an expression of her own personality. The artist is fascinated by the boundlessness of a child’s imagination. Ever since winning the Scout Prize at the Geisai Fair #4 initiated by Takashi Murakami in 2006, the artist has established herself as one of the most exciting contemporary Japanese positions.

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