ANSELM REYLE - Hot Love, 2021
ANSELM REYLE - Hot Love, 2021
ANSELM REYLE - Hot Love, 2021

ANSELM REYLE - Hot Love, 2021

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Mixed media, neon, cable, acrylic glass
174 x 149 x 26 cm


Characteristic of Reyle’s work is the use of various found objects that have been removed from their original function, altered visually and recontextualized. This aspect remains of major importance, with scrap metal, silver foil and neon tubes incorporated as materials into his works.
By focusing on gestural abstraction, the artist picks up on the origins of his artistic creativity, which is influenced by Informalism and Abstract Expressionism. Yet Reyle’s main themes remain painting and the work with found objects. By intertwining everyday consumables with ‘high art’, he poses questions around the worthiness of the banal as the subject of an image, and challenges socially established notions of taste. Frequently utilizing motifs that have become trademarks of the modernist canon, Reyle reworks them to invest them with new meaning and context, offering a critical reflection on common forms of art reception.

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