AMALIA PICA - Joy in Paperwork 337, 2015
AMALIA PICA - Joy in Paperwork 337, 2015
AMALIA PICA - Joy in Paperwork 337, 2015

AMALIA PICA - Joy in Paperwork 337, 2015

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Work details:
Ink on paper, framed
29.7 x 21 cm

JOY IN PAPERWORK is the result of Pica's preoccupation with bureaucracy, which is also inspired by personal experiences related to her naturalization to Great Britain. Inherently, bureaucratic systems are attempts to convey order and transparency through a precise set of rules. However, through mismanagement or over time, these systems are often complicated and oppressive.

In the bureaucratic jungle, special symbols are assigned a special role. A particularly important instrument for expressing official power is the stamp, whose specific signs often mercilessly decide the weal and woe of an application. The artist herself had this experience, whose many stamps in her passport from countless trips thwarted her first application for British citizenship. As a result, in her renewed application process, she did not leave Britain, a travel restriction that suddenly became a reality for people all over the world during the pandemic. During her period of non-travel, Pica began collecting various stamps from all over the world and used them as instruments for her graphic works. She explores the role that such symbols and instruments play in structuring processes, and in particular the power we assign to them. By using them outside their traditional system, Pica deprives these signs of bureaucratic communication of their power. The patterns on the paper thus become new systems of order and coding, of finding pleasure and ultimately offer an escapist alternative.

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