Anselm Reyle | »Untitled«
Anselm Reyle | »Untitled«

Anselm Reyle | »Untitled«

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watercolor, ink on paper, woorden fram with white gold.

paper: 23,5 x 16,5 cm 
framed: 37,8 x 28,5 , 3,5 cm 

 The work of Anselm Reyle is inimatelylinked to Modernism, borrowing, critiquing, and reinventing its conventions all at once. Teyle's abstract sculptures and paintings are made with fluorescent colors, found objects, and shiny common materials including foil, glitter, and morrors. "For my working process I am more influenced by what's going on out there than by my internal experiences. When the work is not occupied by my person it leaves more space for spirituality.", says Anselm Reyle. 

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