ANNE SCHNEIDER - bodyposition, 2015
ANNE SCHNEIDER - bodyposition, 2015

ANNE SCHNEIDER - bodyposition, 2015

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Aquaresin, fiberglass, fabric, puffer jacket, bar stool VENUS, acrylic nails, bike helmet, acrylic paint
158 x 60 x 70 cm


Anne Schneider who was born in 1965 in Enns, Austria designs curvy, body-like sculptures giving them a timeless appeal. Working on and with volume is the basis of every sculptural process, whether they are additive processes to build something from nothing or subtractive methods in which a sculpture is revealed through the removal of materials. Anne Schneider draws on both methods, working with everyday, low-value materials such as wax, concrete, jute, or metal. Anne Schneider sews flexible jute sacks into negative forms, which she then realizes with concrete. Although the resulting objects are oriented towards the strict formal language of modernism, imprints from stitches, folds, and soft protrusions give her works an organic, almost anthropomorphic impression, which is at odds with its hard materiality. Moreover, many of the artist’s works in concrete, which intrinsically “sit” or stand in the space, are pink or skin-colored, which further increases their physicality, their subjective character.

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