PASCAL MÖHLMANN, Disposition, 2020

PASCAL MÖHLMANN, Disposition, 2020

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Oil on Canvas 
205 x 160 cm

The Dutch painter Pascal Möhlmann adores the Old Masters and collaborates with Virgil Abloh, the current artistic director at Louis Vuitton menswear.  Möhlmann calls his style ‘new beauty with a punk rock attitude’ because he turns away from cynicism and irony.  He makes use of art history from the image archive and covers, for example, a Descent from the Cross by Rubens and the myth of Narcissus.  While Rubens' body of Christ is taken from the cross in tears, Möhlmann takes the pathetic pose to reflect the state of intoxication from searching for the self in the post-digital age.

Art critic Isabelle Graw writes that today’s new found interest in painting – has it ever gone away? – can be explained by internet platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  In her essay “The Value of Liveliness” Graw notes: “I believe that painting is particularly well positioned in such a society because it gives the impression of being in life of the author.” After artists have used Instagram to perform over the past ten years, painting now is able to redeem what social media has triggered: the longing for limitless individuality. Which is what it's all about on the screen: the pursuit of individuality and indulging in consumption accompanied by a greed for attention.

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