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Jorinde Voigt | Shift

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JORINDE VOIGT: SHIFT - NÜRNBERG, NEUES MUSEUM - Arbeiten 2015-2017. Katalog hrsg. von Ellen Seifermann. Nürnberg 2017. 25 x 34 cm. 544 S. mit 700 farb., teils ganz- bzw. doppelseit. Abb., gebunden - Text in dt. & engl. Sprache.


Jorinde Voigt has developed a complex vocabulary of lines, diagrams, symbols and handwritten notes, which can be used to represent abstract phenomena such as space, time, the earth?s rotation or speed and with which she creates a parallel world with its own rules and realities in her drawings. Her work stands out through its diverse materiality, in which feathers, copper or gold leaf are employed alongside the classic tools of drawing such as pencil, graphite, Indian ink or pastels. This is also the case in her long-term project "Song of the Earth," a mo onumental drawing cycle set out in eight compositions, which is inspired by Gustav Mahler?s symphonic song cycle "Das Lied von der Erde" (1908-09) and crosses genres by bringing together visual art and music, visual and acoustic experiences. By providing playing instructions and timing notation, these drawings also serve as scores for its performance by contemporary music ensembles.