ELMGREEN & DRAGSET - Statue of Liberty Framed, 2019
ELMGREEN & DRAGSET - Statue of Liberty Framed, 2019
ELMGREEN & DRAGSET - Statue of Liberty Framed, 2019
ELMGREEN & DRAGSET - Statue of Liberty Framed, 2019

ELMGREEN & DRAGSET - Statue of Liberty Framed, 2019

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Fine Art Print on William Turner 190g, mounted on Kapa Graph 5mm, cut to size
Edition of 30 + 3 AP
80,2 x 59,2 x 5 cm

Elmgreen & Dragset (Michael Elmgreen, born 1961 in Copenhagen, Denmark and Ingar Dragset, born 1969 in Trondheim, Norway, live and work in Berlin) deal in their artistic practice with questions of identity and belonging to social, cultural and political structures . Since 1995 they have been working on the interface between art and architecture, performance and installation. They are interested in the discourse that can arise when objects are radically re-contextualized and when normal parameters for the representation of art are changed. Their work draws attention to the institutions in which they are exhibited and to the policies of these institutions

Every year in October, Germany commemorates its reunification, marking 30 turbulent years since the fall of the wall that divided Berlin and the lives of its residents. On this occasion, Elmgreen & Dragset created the Edition Statue of Liberty Framed (2019) based on their most recent sculpture Statue of Liberty (2018), which is now permanently installed in Berlin at the Hamburg Museum of Contemporary Art. The over three meter tall Statue of Liberty consists of an ATM that is attached to an original and rare unsprayed, section of the Berlin Wall. The work invites you to meditate on the transformation and gentrification of this multi-layered European capital and commemorates the east-west division of Germany during the Cold War and the promise of opportunities that shaped the streets of the city after the fall of communism. With reference to the sell-out of history and the collision with pure capitalism, the sculpture and the edition are symbols of a city that heals its scars through constant development. The physicality of the piece of wall is accentuated as an art print by plastically rising towards the viewer. The paradoxical, weighty and slightly absurd Statue of Liberty Framed (2019) presents Elmgreen & Dragset's characteristic unveiling of complex and relevant issues that are closely related to the city, which the artists describe as their home. 
The artists Elmgreen & Dragset include represented by the König Galerie Berlin.