10 JULY - 30 SEPTEMBER, 2021

KÖNIG is excited to collaborate with PILEVNELI to present an international group exhibition at KAPLANKAYA. The exhibiton features well-known positions from the gallery‘s program, expressed in a variety of media. Set into a new context with artists from PILEVNELI, insightful connections and exiciting dialogues develop between the works.

Held in Milas, close to Bodrum on the Aegean coast, KÖNIG presents an overview of its diverse gallery program from 10 JULY to 30 SEPTEMBER, 2021. With locations in Berlin, London and Seoul and the recently opened showroom in Monaco, KÖNIG pursues the declared goal of bringing art and artists closer to an international audience on a local level.

Andreas Schmitten, Jeppe Hein and Claudia Comte explore the relationship of humans and their environment with perfect craftsmanship and clear forms. So does Erwin Wurm, whose works always carry an underlying humor, while Tatiana Trouvé and Camille Henrot negotiate complex social questions of history, memory, reality and fiction through elaborate symbols and signs. Sculpture also repeatedly serves to explore physical laws, as with Jose Dávila, or materials, as with Anselm Reyle.

The medium of painting is represented by the large-scale canvases of Katharina Grosse, who consistently reexamines the scales of what painting means, as well as by the spatial explorations of Matthias Weischer. Norbert Bisky and Friedrich Kunath each, in their own way, create color-intensive dreamscapes, interwoven with numerous references to politics, pop culture, and everyday life.

The medium of photography is represented by the works of Annette Kelm and Jeremy Shaw, each using their own unique means to exploit the possibilities of the medium. Annette Kelm arranges seemingly everyday objects into unusual, yet precise compositions, and Jeremy Shaw exploits the technical possibilities of photography and actively manipulates the perception of his works.

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