LOT 19: THOMAS WEBB - Ξ tree, 2021

LOT 19: THOMAS WEBB - Ξ tree, 2021

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Ξ tree
Decentraland Sculpture

Emissions are a crucial concern for those minting and trading NFTs on the Ethereum network. A network that works similarly to that of the mycelial network, communicating water shortages or fire warnings between trees and plants. This piece investigates the relationship between the NFT, and the current environmental impact of minting and exchanging, making a transparent statement about the process‘ CO2 impact through electricity usage, allowing the holder to calculate this dynamically.

Thomas Webb is an artist, hacker and coder. His artworks question systems, social media and technology, identifying the consequences of our daily dependence on software and hardware. He harnesses electrical engineering and computer programming to create AI, deep learning, microelectronics and real-time data as mediums. He juxtaposes a reflection on technology and contemporary life to explore the social dynamics of the digital age.

His digital solo show EXERCISE IN HOPELESS NOSTALGIA. THE WORLD WIDE WEBB opened on 14 August 2020 at KÖNIG DIGITAL. The WORLD WIDE WEBB is a virtual world driven by Artificial Intelligence and real-time data. The digital visitor enters through the browser on a smartphone, and is invited to do an exercise in hopeless nostalgia. The WORLD WIDE WEBB is a multiplayer simulation, a digital exhibition space, and a world full of art and characters the visitor interacts with. Webb also recreates the social spontaneity of the world pre-Covid-19.