KÖNIG GALERIE is pleased to present its first NFT auction. All of the works included in the auction are part of the group exhibition THE ARTIST IS ONLINE. DIGITAL PAINTINGS AND SCULPTURES IN A VIRTUAL WORLD and are shown in Decentraland. 

The auction will go live on March 26 at 9pm CET on the NFT Marketplace OpenSea and will end on March 31 at 10pm CET. Start as well as end date of the auction will be accompanied by multiple events, including talks with artists and experts on Clubhouse, and live streams on Instagram.

While it may be unusual for a gallery to initiate its own auction, KÖNIG GALERIE sees taking this approach as an opportunity in the art market due to the emergence of NFTs. For the first time, the pricing of these market-fresh works of art is left to an auction. KÖNIG adapts to this new environment and the habits of NFT collectors, who value transparency in regard to price and ownership. 29 unique digital items – pictures, videos and GIFs – by 22 artists will be auctioned with starting prices of 0.5 to 2 ETH ($ 800 and $ 3200 converted), no additional buyer’s premium will be charged.

Artists such as Manuel Rossner, Banz & Bowinkel, Mario Klingemann, and Addie Wagenknecht are among the pioneers in the field of digital art, especially when it comes to exploring the possibilities of using new technologies in the artistic production process of painting and sculpture. What is going to happen to the medium of painting in virtual reality? (Manuel Rossner) What are the materials that sculptures are going to be made out of in the future, using computers? (Banz & Bowinkel) In what ways and to what extent can Artificial Intelligence get creative? (Mario Klingemann)

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