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Drawing from one of the most intriguing programs of contemporary art, KÖNIG SEOUL presents its first group exhibition featuring a cross-section of the KÖNIG cosmos.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, KÖNIG decided to follow its plan to open the gallery space in Seoul, thus continuing its strong commitment to exhibiting the work of contemporary artists internationally. Art is one of the most important social engines that can provide strength and inspiration to society in these unsettling times.

Over the past 20 years, KÖNIG has become one of the most exciting venues for contemporary art in Germany. From the beginning, the focus of the gallery’s program has been on interdisciplinary and conceptual approaches, which is reflected in some of the most important positions of the present time. Up to forty artists are currently represented by the gallery and are regularly on view at the gallery’s locations as well as at internationally renowned institutions.

At KÖNIG SEOUL, a carefully curated selection of more than 20 KÖNIG artists now come together in a group exhibition to present the gallery’s extensive program to the Korean public. The exhibition will feature over forty works, ranging from vibrant paintings to bold sculptures and delicate drawings, some of which have been created especially for this
inaugural show.

Placed together within the new KÖNIG SEOUL space, these works are presented in juxtaposition to each other, creating unique associations and new connections that are reflective of the diverse cultural backgrounds and artistic practices of each artist and his/her work. Some of the recurring themes revolve around issues related to human behaviour and sociocultural structures, reflected, for example, in the sculptures by Tatiana Trouvé and Erwin Wurm, in the paintings by Conny Maier or the graphic works by Camille Henrot. Related, but also very distinct are the works by Koo Jeong A, Jeppe Hein and Alicja Kwade in which they explore the environment around us and our place within, with reflections on space, movement, time, and matter.

As diverse as the themes within the individual works are, so are the media and materials presented. The medium of painting itself is explored through the works of Katharina Grosse, Claudia Comte, Robert Janitz, Anselm Reyle, Friedrich Kunath, Norbert Bisky, Matthias Weischer, Mona Ardeleanu, and Rinus Van de Velde, whose artistic practices alternate between figuration and abstraction, the colorful and the subdued. The medium of sculpture is also approached in a variety of ways, including the iconic boxes by Andreas Schmitten and Chiharu Shiota as well as the bold metal works of Monica Bonvicini. The selection of works on paper reflect the equally delicate and vivid working methods of Sarah Morris, Helen Marten and Jorinde Voigt.

The exhibition conitunes on the rooftop garden, where a slection of sculptures is presented, among them works by Alicja Kwade, Erwin Wurm, Jeppe Hein, Jose Dávila, Kris Martin, Andreas Schmitten and Andreas Schmitten.
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