JULIAN ROSEFELDT - Deep Gold, 2013/2014

JULIAN ROSEFELDT - Deep Gold, 2013/2014

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1-channel film; b/w, sound; Shot on HD; aspect ratio 16:9
18 min 12 sec, loop
5/6 + 2AP

The Berlin-based artist Julian Rosefeldt (born in Munich in 1965) is internationally renowned for his visually opulent and meticulously choreographed moving image artworks, mostly presented as complex multi-screen installations. Inspired equally by the histories of film, art and popular culture, Rosefeldt uses familiar cinematic tropes to carry viewers into surreal, theatrical realms, where the inhabitants are absorbed by the rituals of everyday life, employing humour and satire to seduce audiences into familiar worlds made strange.

DEEP GOLD (2013/2014) is part of the anthology film THE SCORPION'S STING (2013/2014), that was initiated by the artist-duo M+M. Six artists or artist collectives were invited to work on Luis Buñuel’s groundbreaking and at the time scandalous film L'ÂGE D'OR (1930). Based on the original episodes, Tobias Zielony, Chicks On Speed, M+M, Keren Cytter, Julian Rosefeldt and John Bock each reinterpreted one of the six filmic sequences. DEEP GOLD is being shown at NEUE NATIONALGALERIE in Berlin, Germany as part of the exhibition: THE ART OF SOCIETY. 1900-1945. COLLECTION OF THE NATIONALGALERIE from 22 AUGUST 2021 to 02 JULY 2023.

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