Collection: JOHANNA DUMET - La petite bière bien fraîche, 2021


This open edition print will be available exclusively on for 24 hours, starting JULY 15 at 6 PM EST and ending JULY 16 at 6 PM EST. The size of the edition will be determined by the total amount of orders received during that period. Although the edition can reach an indefinite number of copies, Dumet gives each print a unique character by hand-signing it and providing it with individual details, thereby creating a performance.

Dumet mostly paints with oil on canvas, but also uses other techniques such as gouache-painted paper glued to the canvas. She is known for painting impulsively, with a strong sense of flow and without constraint. The result is a sublime, captivating use of color and abstract form that continually interplays with figuration. Rather than focusing purely on detail, she creates a minimalist representation of what she sees, yet she understands the subject without trying to correct shapes over colors. Her motifs, such as food, animals, landscapes, and portraits, are contemporary but timeless.

Johanna Dumet (* 1991), born in Guéret, France, lives and works in Berlin. She studied Applied Arts at the Baccalauréat (STI) in La Souterraine, France, and graduated in Fashion Design from La Calade in Marseille, France.

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