Collection: Claudia Comte | Jungle and Corals

KÖNIG GALERIE is pleased to present JUNGLE AND CORALS, Claudia Comte’s third solo exhibition at St. Agnes. The exhibition consists of new sculptural works out of wood in the form of corals and a series of paintings that explore geometrical abstraction and comic book iconography.Life Revealed In The Tiniest Things
Nothing seems more natural right now than to pay attention to the non-human aspects of life. Actually, it may be because of the virus that we have come to understand life better at the level of microorganisms, like corals. Historically, we have never been pushed to understand non-human forms of life. We develop "protection" impulses and ideas of care, but, to be honest, till very recently they were all presenting us - humans - as the ones capable of damaging, but also of rescuing the planet. However, in the last decades we have witnessed both from science and art, a growing interest in listening to nature. Yes, you are understanding correctly! Listening to nature!
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