20 JUNE - 16 JULY

Click HERE to visit KÖNIG and the exhibition in Decentraland.

KÖNIG GALERIE presents the digital solo exhibition LOOPS AND OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES by the German artist collective Banz & Bowinkel in Decentraland, a virtual world based on the blockchain. New digital sculptures and a selection of video loops from the early work of Banz & Bowinkel, which deal with digital image cultures, are shown. Their computer-generated art negotiates the changed conditions for the creation of images and their influence on perception.

At the beginning of July, the works (NFTs) in the exhibition will be auctioned in collaboration with SuperRare.

The METAFURNISH series (2013) consists of abstract compositions of digital objects rotating on turntables. This type of presentation is a classic of 3D visualization, as the viewer is shown the object from all sides and can develop a spatial understanding. The objects by Banz & Bowinkel, however, undermine viewing habits: physical properties, such as gravity, lose their meaning in digital space. Reflections show parts of the objects that do not exist. The tense puzzle pictures question the values of digitally constructed pictures that present perfect surfaces, but in reality often do not meet expectations.

The sculpture MERCURY (2016) falls apart in a loop and then reassembles. The constantly bursting sculpture is a symbol for systems that renew themselves through self-destruction. Mercury is the Roman god of trade and merchants, but also of thieves and financial gain. New technologies such as blockchain and new currencies such as Bitcoin promise transparency and independence through decentralization. Trading in cryptocurrencies, on the one hand, is reminiscent of a game of chance due to its high volatility, in the darknet, on the other hand, cryptocurrencies are used because of the anonymity of their owners. So old problems appear in a new guise. Digital material is also exchangeable and freely available. With two clicks, by drag and drop, marble becomes silver and silver becomes plastic. And a 3D scan of a sculpture like the 18th century Mercury by Joseph Nollekens can be downloaded from a web portal like Turbosquid with one click.

The NAMESPACES (2021) are word combinations borrowed from programming language and internet culture. Banz & Bowinkel resort to key terms such as “abstract class” and “real time”, alienate them and use them 1:1 to make it clear that machine logic in the real world has effects on human logic that are not always predictable.

Giulia Bowinkel (* 1983) and Friedemann Banz (* 1980) live in Berlin and have been working together under the name Banz & Bowinkel since 2009. In 2007 they graduated from the Art Academy with Albert Oehlen and started making art with computers. Their work includes computer-generated imagery, animation, augmented imagery, virtual realities, and installations. 

The award-winning works of Giulia Bowinkel and Friedemann Banz have been exhibited among others in the Museum Abteiberg in Mönchengladbach, in the Haus Esters/Haus Lange, at the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in Krefeld, at the Haus of the electronic arts in Basel, in the Halle für Kunst & Medien in Graz, at the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen and at the NRW-Kunstforum Düsseldorf. Her works are in the collections of the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in Krefeld, the Museum Kunstpalast and the Kunsthaus NRW.

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