Collection: ART-O-RAMA 2021

27 - 12 SEPTEMBER 2021

Annette Kelm’s (* 1975 in Stuttgart) conceptual photographs deal with the conventions of seeing and showing, with the construction of images and the disclosure of the circumstances of their production. In her still lifes, portraits, landscapes and photographs of architecture, she documents modern every-day culture and often uses object photography for this purpose. Detached from their original context and transferred into new constellations, their motifs evoke associations that reveal artistic, historical and socio-cultural references.

In her series RECYCLINGPARK NECKARTAL Annette Kelm dedicates herself to the photographic investigation of a relic of National Socialist architecture hidden in the centre of Stuttgart. Tucked in between a recycling yard and a waste-to-energy plant there are 14 travertine columns that were put into operation in the 1930s by the Nazi regime from the Lauster quarry in Stuttgart. Despite their colossal dimensions, they can hardly be seen today in the shadow of the gigantic waste incineration plant. They were intended for a monumental Mussolini monument that was to be erected on Adolf-Hitler-Platz (today Theodor-Heuss-Platz) in Berlin as part of Albert Speer's planned world capital "Germania". The war prevented this project and the columns were never removed. Even today, they are still a disturbing testimony to the National Socialist megalomania and the power-political ideals of its state architecture.

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