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KÖNIG GALERIE presents a selection of works on paper that impressively demonstrates the diversity and quality of the medium. On display are works by 15 artists from the gallery program, who have all found their own visual language in the medium.

Jorinde Voigt creates systems of categorization and formation in her works, in which she examines the simultaneity of the present. Amalia Pica, uses stamps as a medium for her graphic works, in which she creates her own systems of order and coding, thus investigating their quality as magisterial instruments of power. Tue Greenfort's work is his ongoing exploration of man's relationship to the environment and their destructive power, such as in his preoccupation with endangered species like the tilapia. The theme of mindfulness is also inherent in the work of Jeppe Hein, which often serves as a mediation on how we deal with our own selves and with others. Anselm Reyle seems to examine his own work in his drawings, when he now makes the silver foil he often uses the subject of his graphic works. Manfred Kuttner's graphic works combine elements from OP and POP ART as well as from NOUVEAU RÉALISME and ZERO art, thus eluding a clear classification in the cosmos of 1960s art. Matthias Weischer explores the possibilities of digital drawing techniques in his depiction of the nature reserve around Kloster Bentlage. Kris Martin's JUNGFRAU (BEI NACHT) is a pictorial representation of the hiking map of the Swiss mountain of the same name, barely recognizable due to dark ink, whose hiking trails are as romantic as they are dangerous at night. Andreas Schmitten's comic-like pictures and drawings show human actions in strange situations; the question of motive or background remains unanswered. In his caricatures of famous figures from world literature, Erwin Wurm scratches at their aura of the untouchable theough humorous depictions. Camille Henrot also questions social hierarchies, focusing her attention on the role assigned to mothers, whereby they must constantly reclaim their opportunities as creators. Rinus Van de Velde's small-format drawings seem like a brief glimpse that the viewer is allowed to take of the film-like sceneries that the artist creates, behind which the big picture can only be guessed at. Friedrich Kunath's visual language also seems like a glimpse of a fantastic parallel world, in which romantic landscapes merge with figures from pop culture to form a dreamlike universe of their own. Karl Horst Hödicke has found in drawing the medium that enables him to capture his observations immediately in pictures.

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