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The presentation of KÖNIG GALERIE unites three generations of female artists who, in their individual visual language, explore questions about their own position as women, but also about the societal framework in which they live.

Evelyne Axell was born in Namur, Belgium in 1935 and died in 1972. She worked as an actress and television presenter before devoting herself entirely to painting from 1964 on. Today, Axell is regarded as one of the most important protagonists of Pop Art, and with good reason. In psychedelic-looking paintings, she demonstrated femininity in often erotically charged scenes. In the short creative period of only eight years, she developed an individual formal language with which she quickly emancipated herself from the male-dominated Pop Art scene. The artist worked with materials such as Plexiglas, enamel, foil, and plastic, from which she created female silhouettes that celebrated femininity and sexuality, as in PORTRAIT DE MYRIAM, the intimate look on a friend. 

Camille Henrot was born in 1978 in Paris, France and lives and works in Berlin. Her work explores themes of religion, anthropology, museology, and literature, as well as psychoanalysis and the study of established scientific and social systems. In her new work, Henrot addresses the issues of womanhood and maternity. She explores how patriarchal structures taboo the representation of birth and parenthood and categorize it as a purely female experience. On a red background, Henrot combines abstract and figurative forms to reflect on intimacy, relationships, and her own role as an artist and mother.

Johanna Dumet was born in 1991 in Guéret, France. She lives and works in Berlin. Trained as a fashion designer - which clearly influences her work - the artist began painting as an autodidact in 2012. Dumet works with traditional painting techniques, using oil paint, oil pencils and gouache on paper or canvas. Her exploration of social conditions is nonetheless captivatingly contemporary. In the tradition of Pop Art, Dumet questions consumerism by incorporating the logos of coveted luxury brands into her works, thus examining and juxtaposing society's perception of status symbols and the individual who wears them.

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