Der Greif 14 (Sylvie Fleury)
Der Greif 14 (Sylvie Fleury)

Der Greif 14 (Sylvie Fleury)

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We are pleased to announce Sylvie Fleury as the guest editor for issue #14.

YES TO ALL is Fleury's framework for the open call.

Originating as a computer command, YES TO ALL is a recurring theme in Fleury's oeuvre used to comment on an increasingly uncontrollable consumer desire.

For issue 14, Fleury proposes to use YES TO ALL as a paradoxical leitmotif for selecting submissions. Fleury aims to challenge familiar photographic structural tropes of 'families', 'categories' and other groupings with the submitted material, by collapsing these very notions through the inclusivity YES TO ALL calls for.