Battleship Berlin - Documentary


Battleship Berlin
Berlin's brutalist heritage is under fire.
by Nathan Eddy 

The city's powerful Charité hospital plans to destroy a brutalist icon of the Cold War era: The infamous former animal research laboratory known as the Mäusebunker. A dedicated group of politicians, preservationists, architects, gallerists, and university students are fighting for an innovative ecologically and economically sustainable adaptive re-use of this magnificent uncompromisingly unique structure. Which side will triumph? 

The battle continues. Preservation can be brutal.

German with English subtitles, 40 minutes 

Nathan Eddy is an award-winning American filmmaker and journalist specializing in architecture and urban planning issues. His first two films, “The Absent Column” and “Starship Chicago”, document the struggle to protect Chicago’s architectural heritage. In 2017, Eddy organized and led the successful protest movement to landmark New York City’s epochal postmodern skyscraper, Philip Johnson and John Burgee’s AT&T Building.